Android APK container on RPi? (for GoogleTTS)

  • Since Google updated Google TTS with better offline usage and better voice for my native langueage (Czech) in recent version, I start searching again for some solutions and found this Anbox apk container for linux that apparently run only via Snapcraft, that support ubuntu (apparently by supported distro list)
    My idea:
    Rpi2 > Ubuntu? / Raspbian > SnapCraft > ANBOX > Google Text-to-speech 3.11.12.apk

    My linux skills are kinda insufficient, so can someone with better knowledge confirm me, how much stupid idea this is? Should i even bother try to run Ubuntu on Rpi (with MM ofc) and expand my idea?

    thanks in advance
    (PS: other TTS like Festival or eSpeak are uncomparable with GoogleTTS)

    ApkMirror Google TTS

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