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    Hi @aluini, is your module still working correctly? I’m only getting the weight. 🙂
    I have an Body Cardio Scale, do I have to define this somewhere?


  • @aluini said in Withings:

    I corrected some things on the module :

    • correction of the @ih800a bug (I had the same)
    • add external CSS
    • add the loader
    • add translation

    I’ll review the design of the module

    Nice. I want to test it.
    My data from my withings steel also showable?

  • I can not get it to work. I only have the scale.

  • I looked at the module and it just need to be updated however, I can find a way to be able to get the JSON data to be displayed. All I get is a {“status”:342,“error”:“The signature (using Oauth) is invalid”}

    I tried almost everything already.

    If anyone can give it a try and make that work, I can update the module and even create new features.

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    I also try to make it work, but I didn’t succed. Probably I did some wrong behaviour during the oAuth process.

    At the end I can see on my MagicMirror logs an error 283, that correspond according to Nokia API website to : “283 : Token is invalid or doesn’t exist”.

    I considered it was OAuth version 1.0 because it look like it.

    Also it is written on Nokia website :

    “The Health Mate API is now fully functional with OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.
    Therefore, the OAuth 1.0 process will no longer be supported beginning:
    November 30, 2018”

    Also I do not really want to fight to make it work if the service will be cut by Nokia/Withings on a few months.

    Does someone have the knowledge to update this module with OAuth 2.0 ?

  • Anybody get this working with the new OAuth 2.0?

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