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Node_helper and security key/certificate question

  • I have gotten the AWS (Amazon Web Services) IOT mgtt client working on my raspberry pi 3. I would like to add this script to a custom module on my magic mirror to enable Echo voice control the Pi I/O’s and provide visual status of these I/O’s on the Magic Mirror. I think I almost understand how to set up my module’s node_helper file with the mqtt client, but I don’t understand how it will start correctly when I load up Magic Mirror.

    To start the mqtt client as currently installed outside the Magic Mirror app: you would use:

    npm start /example/sampleproject.js -f ~/certs/

    The ~/certs/ folder contains the private key and CA certificate need for authentication with the Amazon services.

    I don"t understand how to do this within the Magic MIrror app. I have gone through all the scripts but don’t see/understand how to insure the npm cli args could be passed in when starting Magic Mirror.

    Would someone have the knowledge/experience to point me what I need to read/study/understand to enable this?

    Could it be as simple as hard-coding the path’s to these files in the script I will place in the node_helper folder?

    Point me in the direction I need to go and I will do my best to figure it out!

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