Profile & Modular configuration, Module Restarting...

  • Hi, there.
    I’m not familiar with Node, Electon, JS and also MM… So this could be silly requests.

    I think MM is no more just contents-display-toy. It could be home entertainment server or automation hub like Google Home. So I’m so excited with possibilities of MM.

    Anyway, as a Newbie, I have some curiosity for some features of this MM framework.

    1. Profile
      MM has modules, but not support modular configuration. A HUGE-GLOBAL-config.js controls everything. When this project began, it could be enough. But good-old-time is gone. After installation of tons of modules, I found it is so difficult to manage configuration.
      I believe MM should support Profile and Modular configuration in the next version.
      Profile means not only real human(“Jane”, “Daddy”, “Guest”, “Everyone”…) but also modes.(“Debug”, “Party”, “Christmas”, “Security-During-Vacation”…)
      Users can make individual profile configuration per each profile. By example, “Jane” wants to use ‘calendar’ and ‘transportation information’. “Security” wants to monitor several home monitoring modules. You know what I mean.
      I know some Profile or mode(Page or Scheduler) related modules already exist. But I think this features should be included in default core system.

    2. Modular configuration (and managing modules)
      Without refactoring configuration, Profiles could be another tons of copy of HUGE-GLOBAL-configs.
      My suggestion is here;
      Each profile config(eg. “Jane.config.js”) describes only which modules to use and where they would be positioned. it could direct another config files. By Example, “Jane” want to use "family-share-modules’ and ‘Jane-specific-modules’. The end configuration files should be real module-specific-configurations.(“Jane.calendar.config.js”, “family.calendar.config.js”…)
      When MM starts, System could scan the directories to load a global configuration. Then it could search proper profile configuration lists. And finally, each module configurations could be found in each module directories. If Module-configuration is in its own module directory, removing module could be easier to modify exist configs less.

    3. Module restarting or reloading or run-time configuration
      For profile switching or modular configuration, the module should be reloaded with new configuration. (Is it avaiable currently??)
      As I know, If “Jane” wants her calendar and “Daddy” wants his calendar individually, currently two calendar instances are required.(with Show-and-Hide tricks) I think this is the waste of resources. It’s better to reload(or restart or refresh… anyway) calendar module with another configuration.

    How do you think about these features?

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