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Yet Another Spotify Post

  • So I’m building an interactive magic mirror on my own web site and served on my RPi. I was hoping to be able to play, show and control a spotify playlist on this MM but I’m being discouraged that I can do all three. I’ve toyed around with mopidy, but it doesn’t look like I can play one of my playlists using this tool. Are there other tools out there that might allow me to do this?

  • Replying to my own post for other newbies to follow along in my journey. Mopidy acts as a server (called an MPD) for Spotify (among other sources). It has an extension called Mopfy-Spotify that can be added and configured to connect to your PAID spotify account.

    You can’t do squat with Mopidy without a CLIENT to control the server. This is where Mopify comes in. It’s a client (called an MPC) that can control it from within a browser. This is still not 100% what I’m looking for, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve been able to graphically interact with my spotify account via my Pi. Progress!

    Ultimately, I won’t have a mouse or keyboard hooked up to my mirror, so I need a way to:

    • Select 1 of x playlists (displayed dynamically on my mirror)
    • Play the selected track
    • Skip to the previous/next track if needed
    • All without a mouse/keyboard

    The journey continues!