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MMM-forecast-io -- Localized up to the minute weather

  • guess i found it in the

    renderPrecipitationGraph: function ()


    renderSVGPrecipitationGraph: function ()

    both heights are calculated there.

    var width = this.config.precipitationGraphWidth; 
    var height = Math.round(width * 0.3); // 120 by default

    Played around with the setting, but it did not change anything. Don’t get it currently… mabye you have an idea?

  • seems not the correct place.
    Even if comment out both lines with “height” it makes no difference…

  • Hey! Although this thread is a bit old, I’m wondering if I can get some assistance. I have my DarkSky API key correct, however the console of my Mirror is telling me that it refreshed the access token because it had expired. I checked the API panel, and it did indeed show that the API had been called, so my API key is correct. However, the weather module never loaded. Any suggestions?

  • Other moduls are showing?
    Have you tried with the above example from idoodler?

    Otherwise try to delete the folder again, pull it again and don’t forget to “npm install” in the just downloaded folder.

  • @rak

    Thanks for this fork! I like your sample screenshot. I cloned it and did npm install, but the sizing of all the colored elements are all way off. Any ideas?

    Why is it showing 10 degrees all the way up through 70 when it really only needs to show 70 to 95?

    The rain bars are too tiny, as are the temperature range bars. 😞

    0_1535556499508_CloudApp Annotation 2018-08-29 at 11.28.10 AM.png.png

  • Hello,

    because it meant to be for Grad Celcius and not Grad Fahrenheit. When ever will US go to a metric system ,-).

    Fix is easy.

    Search in modules/MMM-forecast-io/MMM-forecast-io.js for

    id: 'temperature',
                position: 'left',
                ticks: {
                  suggestedMin: 10,

    and change suggestedMin to you choosing, like 70 … .


    For the bars. You need more space. Make the module wider, or reduce the font size (custom.css).

  • Been trying to use this module but the width is taking up almost the whole screen. I’m assuming size needs adjusted in the css file but I don’t know which is causing this. Ideas?

  • you can maybe try the following.
    Add to your custom.css

    transform: scale(0.90, 0.90);

    Code was not tested. the 0.90 stands for 90%
    Maybe that works and is good enough for your needs

    otherwise look for the css file within the module folder and play with the settings there

  • Thank you! So interesting tid-bit. It works on Browser View mode (IP:8080) but on the mirror itself, no changes. I also have trouble with another module. It shows on the Browser, but not at the mirror. It must be something with the Pi Zero image I’m using.

  • Module Developer

    Guys, going through the thread, I see that a lot of good ideas were implemented in forks but not sent as PRs. I think it would be a good idea to have some of these included into the original. dmcinnes/MMM-forecast-io, since this is the one referenced in the original MagicMirror.

    @dmcinnes what do you think?
    Do you want this rep to be bloated up or do you want it to be kept mostly as it is and leave major changes to forks?

    I would expect at least to have some of @morozgrafix very good ideas implemented as optional (sunset, precipitation probability).
    Also @rak 's ideas look very very promising but I admit might be a bit much as changes for the master.

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