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Hide ExtraInfoWeather of default currentweather module

  • Hello guys, I have tried really hard to hide the ExtraInfo on the top of the currentweather module (seen below). I was able to hide some of it using the “show: false” parameters (only hides “pm” and “SE”), but I cannot effectively HIDE the entire thing.
    This is in the .js file and I assume it is what gives the module this info:

    // add extra information of current weather
    	// windDirection, humidity, sunrise and sunset
    	addExtraInfoWeather: function(wrapper) {

    I want to be able to HIDE the entire top info, and have the cloud icon and the temp take its place (like shift up) Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this?

    alt text Picture for reference!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @rodofrn As far as I know, there isn’t a configuration to remove it. But it’s possible through CSS. try adding this to your custom CSS file:

    .module.currentweather .module-content div.normal.medium {
      display: none;

    The down side to doing this is that if there is another div in the currentweather module with the classes normal medium it will also be hidden. This worked for me, but I don’t know this module well enough to know that it won’t end up hiding something else.

    Alternatively, you can try my weather module. I forked MMM-WunderGround specifically so I could toggle this section off via the config (as well as other pieces). Give it a go if you want:

  • @j-e-f-f That DEFINITELY worked! Thanks mate. I just wanted a really nice and clean weather module. I will definitely check yours out. THANKS!

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