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Access trouble on MM 2.0.2 with remote Modules

  • Hello Guy’s and Girls,

    a long time ago where my last sentences here.

    U know, never touch a running system.

    But i DID IT.

    I updated from MM 2.0.1 to 2.0.2

    My Mirror looks like before. All modules are working… but wait… after trying to start MMM-Admin-Interface or MMM-Remote i became a error message

    This device is not allowed to access your mirror. 
    Please check your config.js or config.js.sample to change this.

    mm-log says

    0|mm       | Access denied to IP address:
    0|mm       | Access denied to IP address:

    my ipWhitelist was not changed…??? it’s like before with MM 2.0.1

            "ipWhitelist": [

    Any idea??

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @lolobyte This sounds familiar… do a search in the forum. I believe this problem was experienced by others, and there is a subsequent way to fix it.

  • Your white list is wrong

    ::ffff: is an IPv6 loopback, you’ve combined it with an IPv4 address

    “” should be a separate line

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