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MMM-WorldTides, no output on screen

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    I received a pull request on github which replaced the apiBase. I did not know the standard XMLHttpRequest() can handle https as well. You should be able to git pull on your device to update the version.
    Sure, play around with it and present it. WorldTides was my first module, there is a lot of space for improvement.

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    It’s handy to now when it’s high or low tides

    @yawns said in MMM-WorldTides, no output on screen:

    Sure, play around with it and present it.

    As per conversations with you both, here is my approach to a tide module, using the same API as the WorldTides module.

    @yawns - Thanks for your permission to attempt another tide module. :^)

    @pjkoeleman - Here is what I’ve done for you so far. It rotates through the next 48 hours of tides with day, date and times, tide height variance, location name and the actual coordinates of the tide station being used by the module. Tide height variance can be in feet(ft) or meters(m). The API chooses the closest tide station to the latitude and longitude you enter in the config.

    If you prefer a static list of tides then please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    Here’s 2 screenshots of WorldTides with SimpleTides underneath. They look pretty good together. Obviously, you can’t see the rotation in a picture, but you get the idea.

    0_1507232171426_11.JPG 0_1507232188983_22.JPG

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    A little better formatting of the day, date and time of the tides and removed the GMT offset. Same info, less screen real estate used. :^)

    0_1507252497933_1.JPG 0_1507252508531_2.JPG

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    @yawns said in MMM-WorldTides, no output on screen:

    Sure, play around with it and present it.

    Again, I would like to thank you for the green light on this, and making a tide module of my own. Mine is so different that I just did my thing without messing with yours. Actually, I think they compliment each other. Yours in a table and mine in rotation.

    Anyway, good luck in your new home! :^)

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