Maker's Asylum, Mumbai's MagicMirror

  • It took us a while, but we finally finished our MagicMirror build a couple of weeks ago here at the Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai.

    • The wooden frame was built around an old LG monitor stripped down to bare essentials.
    • We got hold of a Raspberry-Pi and installed the OS and MM.
    • Someone “borrowed” the Ras-Pi and forgot to return it back (I want to stay positive about this incident - maybe they just forgot about having borrowed it).
    • I volunteered to supply a new Ras-Pi3 and setup the software all over again.
    • Customizing the various modules was easy, thanks to the great documentation.
    • There was a problem with npm (issue no 368), but that got fixed quickly.

    Other than that - Great Project. We hope to show it off during the “AUTODESK UNIVERSITY” event here next week.