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Tado module?

  • hmm, ok, we did some updates today. Should deal with the NULL, C or F now. It also now gets the homeid for you, and the zone is assumed to be 1.

    Neither of us have actually yet to set up a MagicMirror, looking for glass and a monitor now to do a couple so don’t have this running apart from when we work on it at the moment.

    The update frequency was also changed, so far I assume the api doesnt have a limit on calls, but we only call it every 5mins

  • @charliwest Hi. I’ve updated everything. Home icon looks great. Just tested it and It still doesn’t know how to handle when my heating is Manually off. The module just reports as ‘Loading’

  • @charliwest when I first set up my mirror I didn’t have a monitor either for the first month. I think I just left it running without a
    Monitor connected and then used another pc on the same network to see output using ipaddressofpi:8080

  • @charliwest Sorry to bombard you with messages - One other update - I noticed that if I restart MagicMirror and heating is munually off - then module just reports at ‘Loading.’ If I turn the heating off when Mirror is running, then the whole thing crashes - clock stops everything

    This just might be my system though. It was working before - very odd

  • Hi all,

    I’ve created a Tado module. Check it out here: .

    Let me know what you guys think!

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