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{HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App)

  • The script works as intended but I would like to use the module.
    The module doesnt turn off my monitor. I have the correct pin labeled.
    What else can I check? Where is the python code for the module? is there a file somewhere?

  • @cruunnerr said in {HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App):

    There is no mistake as far as i can see.

    The “&” just need to be written, when a second or third command follows.

    So when u are just using this one command both (with or without the “&”) should work

    thank you. Got a confidence.
    As mentioned earlier , i don’t have a experience with computer programming.

  • @cruunnerr said in {HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App):

    @chandra said in {HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App):

    Screen goes off after 120sec, But when it sense the motion, the screen is black.

    Hint from the main post:

    To check if it works just go into terminal via ssh and type:

    sudo tvservice -o to turn off
    sudo tvservice -p to turn on

    edit: for some monitors the following commands work better. Please use them if your monitor needs it:

    vcgencmd display_power 0 to turn off
    vcgencmd display_power 1 to turn on

    also check this:

    A Big Thanks to all. Gone through all the posts.
    I split up the things.
    First, checked the screen on and off (by editing the script). Tried the steps. screen on was the problem. so skipped that.
    second, checked the led lights on and off alone. It worked like a charm.

    Then gone back to screen on to work together. The problem was with monitor,old one,connected by hdmi-vga adapter.
    Found a solution:

    sudo tvservice -p
    sudo chvt 9 && sudo chvt 7

    This worked 😍 .
    Now , both working together. I used your and and modified as per my liking.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cruunnerr

    I have the strangest problem i have not been able to solve for days now.

    I am using 2.2 external script and it works flawlessly to display blank screen.

    However, if screen orientation set to vertical via /boot/config.txt with either display_rotate=1 or 3, the monitor wont blank out !! 😵

    Its just blink for 1 second and nothing happen.

    What I have tried:

    1. check monitor status via xset -q (dpms) - it says monitor off but the TV stays on
    2. run xset dpms force off - again the TV only blink for 1 second nothing else happen
    3. Changed GL driver from raspi-config and reboot
    4. Tried with other TV (both are LG brand 42" and 65")

    Both tvservice -p and vcgencmd display_power 0 will work with any screen orientation but unfortunately it will display “no signal” on the TV.

    Can anybody please help me out? This is really frustrating 😵 😵

  • Hi, i have followed the steps in 2.2, it works fine. The issue i have is i don’t want the screen turning off because of my silly lg tv screen saver which i cant disable. So i followed the steps for this in section 6. I created two new files, made them executable and changed the relevant bits in the script. Now nothing happens. i have tried and checked again and again but nothing happens. I am fairly new to all of this and have probably missed something i just dont know what. Please could someone help me with this. Thank you very much

  • Hi, ! thanks for this GREEATTTTT TUTORIAL !

    Working great with python,

    About that, when my screen is turning down he shows “No signal” before turning black, any solution to hide this ?

  • @Asphyth That is your monitor, its not coming from the Pi.

  • @Asphyth that is the energy star power down requirement. it warns you of no signal, and then is required to turn the display off electrically to save power

  • hi!!
    for this point the … always running i dont have LED to make a test . So my question is do i did a mistake someware ?

    You can check if your button works by simply typing python Every time u move through the PIR or press the button it will show you several …
    End the test with “ctrl+c”

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