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{HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App)

  • U could also quick try the script from this tutorial (at point 5). It will be done in 2 minutes ^^
    Maybe u missed the connection?

  • Two minutes if you know what you’re doing…
    The problem is I don’t have a button. I did create the script and run it. It triggers the relay exactly once and then stays like this. I can’t even stop the script anymore once it’s running…

    Man, I really thought setting up the relay would be as easy as adding one line to the config. Wish I had tried to set it up earlier.

    Still need help with this. 😞

  • Ah I see…
    I will write u this evening. We will get it working 😉

  • Thank you so much!

  • @MadScientist

    Because your relay turns on i think you did everything right. Probably there is a problem with your Module installation… but thats just a guess. Maybe u didn’t give the module the rights to turn on gpio’s?
    sudo usermod -a -G gpio pi (the „pi“ at the end stands for your username)

    If u did that and it doesn’t work at all you can try to do it with an external script. Follow these steps:


    put in this:

    gpio -g mode 27 out
    sleep 0.2
    gpio -g write 27 1

    save with “ctrl+x” and “y”


    put in this:

    gpio -g mode 27 out
    sleep 0.2
    gpio -g write 27 0

    save with “ctrl+x” and “y”

    chmod +x (to make it executable)
    chmod +x


    put in this:

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    import sys
    import time
    import RPi.GPIO as io
    import subprocess
    SHUTOFF_DELAY = 120 # in seconds, how long the monitor will be on until next button press or PIR detection
    PIR_PIN = 22       # 15 on the board (this needn't to be a PIR. Can be a button also)
    LED_PIN = 16      # optional
    def main():
        io.setup(PIR_PIN, io.IN)
        io.setup(LED_PIN, io.OUT)
        turned_off = False
        last_motion_time = time.time()
        while True:
            if io.input(PIR_PIN):
                last_motion_time = time.time()
                io.output(LED_PIN, io.LOW)
                print ".",
                if turned_off:
                    turned_off = False
                if not turned_off and time.time() > (last_motion_time + 
                    turned_off = True
                if not turned_off and time.time() > (last_motion_time + 1):
                    io.output(LED_PIN, io.HIGH)
    def turn_on():"sh /home/pi/", shell=True)
    def turn_off():"sh /home/pi/", shell=True)
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        except KeyboardInterrupt:

    save with “ctrl+x” and “y”

    chmod +x

    You can check if your button works by simply typing python Every time u move through the PIR or press the button it will show you several …
    End the test with “ctrl+c”

    The Shutoff delay in the script defines how long the relay will be turned on after detection through the pir.

    If that works u can add the script to the rc.local to start it automatically when booting up.

  • Ok, I did all that and I do get the “…” when I run the, but the relay doesn’t get triggered. Tried the with and without sudo. Maybe I should just start all over new. Everything seems to be a bit messed up. I reverted back to motion detector only and also that isn’t working anymore in MM.

    Edit: Started a new thread here.

  • @MadScientist
    sorry, did a mistake. I edited my post above. just edit the *.sh files.

  • Thanks a lot to cruunnerr, who has the patience of an angel!

    I think there were two problems in my case and I write them here in case someone else has trouble getting the PIR+relay to work.

    First: By installing the MMM-PIR-sensor module I used the wrong wiring-pi. npm install wiring-pi installs an old version (2.25) which - so I’ve read - doesn’t work with the Raspberyy Pi 3. It’s best to install wiringpi according to this site.

    Second: I used a relay which was supposed to run on 3V to 7V, but apparently that’s not the case. I guess the seller shipped the wrong relay. So I had an old relay lying around which should only run on 5V but it works nicely on my RPi.

    Now everything is working, except I get some phantom triggers of the relay every couple of minutes. But I will look into it once everything is set up completely. Maybe I have something around here that can trigger the PIR sensor even if it’s covered by a cloth.

  • @MadScientist

    that is nice to know… So wiring-pi installs an old version?! Than i need to update my tutorial ^^Thanks mate

    And how do you connect the relay? What relay do u use? is it active low or active high? U can try to connect a transistor or an pull up/down resistor to it, so that should disable the trigger from it. If u want to try i can send an image how to connect. It can also be, that your Power supply of the RPi is to small…

  • The is connected to pin 15 (GPIO 27), 17 (3.3V), and 20 (GND). I tried to post a link to the it, but then this post is flagged as spam. It’s just a cheap relay from Aliexpress.

    No idea if that relay is active high or low, but does it matter? It just switches between to connections, so if the relay port 1-2 or 2-3 are active shouldn’t matter, right?

    I am using a 3.1A power supply for the Pi. Later I will connected it via a 8A buck-boost-module to a 12V/5A power supply that will power the screen. The Pi will get the power from before the relay so it won’t switch itself off 😉

    Please send a picture, I will gladly try, once I have the extra party I might need (transistor or resistor).

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