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Humidity for Current Weather Module

  • Hello Everyone! I am Andrew and am new to the forums. I am a software developer by day (and I guess at night too usually).

    Recently I made my own magic mirror and so far I am loving the great code that is in place right now. I have had quite a humid summer and so I decided to add in humidity info into the current weather module (pull request). Our weather data actually already contained this information! As things stand right now, it is functional but not that pretty.

    I am not sure if adding to an existing row would make sense as that would make the width of the module larger.

    I was wondering if someone a bit more design focused could help me out laying this thing out - I have a handful of ideas on how it could look, but none are too great.

    Thanks everyone!




  • bump

    any ideas? 🙂

  • I can’t wait to have this on the mirror as in NY humidity in summer can be a big problem. As for design, since it seems to be on its own line and kinda sticking out… maybe add something else next to it (not sure other data in pull from api) or try having the number going down the side of other data.

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    Yes right under the temp would be really great! I think the number and percent in the drop is really looking good but you could also add that as an option… show either "Humidity: " or raindrop % 🙂

    I would love to have it!! I work outside all day and having this info would be very helpful in helping me to decide how to dress or what to bring!

    Thank you!

  • @cowboysdude yeah adding chance of precipitation (only using fancy word to cover rain/snow percentages, becuase WINTER IS COMING) would be an amazing addition to place next to humidity

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    Or better yet… Hang on NY you’re about to get spanked…again. LOL

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    When will this be available?

  • Thanks for all of the positive feedback, I thought it might be useful so just wanted some thoughts on making it pretty before I completed the pull request. As long as I am not too busy in the next few days, it should be in the dev branch by the end of the weekend.

    As for the talk of New York weather, I live in the Midwest (Wisconsin) and we easily see 100+ degrees across the span of 12 months (usually 0 - 100f) - sometimes dropping or rising 60 degrees in a week! Not sure how that compares 😉

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    @amcolash Well we’re not comparing as much as just joking around between a couple of NY’ers LOL

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