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MagicMirror 150x70x2.5 Slim

  • Hi,

    after quite some time of work and brainstorming my MagicMirror is finished now:


    I have installed the following parts:

    Benq GL2450 - 24 Inch Monitor
    Raspberry 2
    microwave sensor rcwl-0516


    • The mirror switches on/off using the MMM-PIR-Sensor module, as the microwave sensor is very sensitive I still need to add some absorbing material to reduce 360 degree detection to maybe 180 degree.
    • as the monitor is mounted vertically the view angle in that direction is wide enough, it is ok for the Benq but could be better
    • for the backside of the mirror I used Film Coated Plywood
    • to have a perfect background I used black matted car wrap
    • the metal edges of the monitor I covered with some standard wrap, during the first functional test I discovered that this wrap was shining through so I had to redo that using the matted car wrap as well
    • furthermore it is absolutely essential that the backside of the mirror itself is 100% clean and free of streaks
    • to attach the glas to the plywood I used 5mm double sided adhesive mirror tape - believe me that is strong enough, considering the point before I had detach the mirror once to clean it once again an getting it off and removing all the glue remains was painfull
    • above the mirror i will install an lamp (150cm as well)
    • the lamp will be switched on using a touch switch which is connected to the metal frame of the mirror


    • mirror 400€
    • metal frame 130€
    • monitor 90€
    • Film Coated Plywood 50€
    • 5mm double sided adhesive mirror tape 10€
    • car wrap 20€
    • raspberry + material around 50€

    Total: 750€

    Any comments are very welcome 🙂

    Regards, F.

  • Moderator

    Interesting mirror concept. What are the outlets underneath the mirror used for? Is this a bathroom?
    I have to admit the view out of these huge windows looks stunning 🙂

  • looks awesome. is that the mirror I supplied? 🙂

  • @yawns: You are right it is the bathroom right to the master bedroom. The outlets are for the faucets 🙂 The view is really great. Just for you another picture 😉


    @Goldjunge_Chriz: Indeed it is the one you have delivered. Took a while to finish it. It was difficult to find someone who could build the frame because there are no L-profiles that did match my requirements.

  • Moderator

    Ok, now I am officially jealous. I can imagine it’s a dream just sitting there staring outside when the sun goes down. Or ride the bicycle on its stand.

    Very nice!

  • That is beautiful. Well done.

  • How do you implement using a touch switch which is connected to the metal frame of the mirror? Any tips or instructions?

  • @goprojojo Hi, it is just a touch switch (search for it on Amazon). There is one wire that switches a relais once you touch it. You may know it from desk lamps. If you touch a metal part of the lamp you can switch it on or off.

  • Super build ecspecialy the thin metal bezel and the total thickness of 2.5cm
    Could you post More building pictures and details. I’m looking for something to build like yours 😃

  • Hi MarkV,

    what exactly are you looking for? If you have questions about the project just let me know. The wall behind the mirror is a dry construction with space behind where I put all electronic parts (currently just quick and dirty 😃 ). The plywood is mounted just with screws and some small distance rings to the wall. That is as well an advantage as the mirror cannot fall down and stays small as well it is an disadvantage as it is not easy to demount it (for instance if the monitor has some defect).
    The original plan was using some hangers to mount it. I skipped after ordering the frame because it would have been quite challenging to mount it. 5mm I had calculated for that. So behind the mirror I currently have 5mm space which might be good for ventilation.
    If I would build a new one I probably would take such a hanger:

    cabinet hanger

    cabinet hangert

    regards F.

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