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Get weather at a calendar event location

  • Hey guys,
    just finished setting up my pi3 and am installing modules as we speak, but one I couldn’t find and thought might be a useful addition would be a module that can get a location from a calendar event, plug it into open weather, and retrieve anything important about the weather (eg if an umbrella is needed, or if there is high temperatures expected)

  • @Albinolan I haven’t seen it done, but someone asked how to show driving directions to calendar event locations, and I described the basic process here. This is basically the same, but with weather.

    The default calendar module broadcasts events via the MM notification framework. You just need to modify a module to receive and interpret the notification/events.

    I question the overall utility, though. How often is the weather different from your house (or mirror) to the destination? I can see the utility if you travel a lot, or often visit neighboring towns, but imagine for most people seeing the weather forecast for their city should suffice.

  • @ninjabreadman Does the weather module support dynamic locations? how would I get the weather location id for open weather. also, I was planning on using it not so much as determining the whole day weather, but warning the user about rain in the area or heat. Considering where I live it can vary a lot between the suburbs and the CBD.

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