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MMM-WunderGround clock and MPH issues

  • Greetings…

    This is my first Raspberry Pi (and therefore, first Magic Mirror) project. I’ve got the MMM-WunderGround module up and running. The PWS i’m using for Knoxville, TN is KTNKNOXV198, and most of the display data seems accurate.

    However, at this moment, it’s 12:30 PM EST on March 9, 2018. The default clock module shows this correctly. But, on the WU module, the time is showing as 6:37 (not sure if AM or PM).

    Additionally, the wind display is showing as -9999 mph.

    Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

    Edit: config is below. Also noticed that time is not just off, but also ‘stuck’ at 6:37.

                             module: 'MMM-WunderGround',
                             position: 'top_right',
                             config: {
                                    apikey: '3027846ee9396ac3',
                                    pws: 'pws:KTNKNOXV198', //Knoxville, TN
                                    hourly: '1',
                                    units: 'imperial',
                                    fctext: '1',
                                    windunits: 'mph',
                                    iconset: 'flat_black',
                                    fcdaycount: "5",
                                    fcdaystart: "0",
                                    hourlyinterval: "3",
                                    hourlycount: "2",
                                    alerttime: 10000,
                                    alerttruncatestring: "english:",
                                    roundTmpDecs: 1,
                                    UseCardinals: 0,
                                    layout: "horizontal",
                                    sysstat: 0}

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    Often times, the sunrise and sunset time is mistaken for a clock. Is 6:37 changing? I suspect this might be your case. The wind issue is likely a problem with the weather station you’ve chosen. To test this, simply choose another PWS close to you and reload. Keep in mind that a PWS is run by average people that just enjoy setting up a station and registering it with Wunderground. They are not maintained by Wunderground. Some are neglected and some don’t offer the same data as others (e.g wind, direction, humidity, etc)

  • I feel silly for not thinking of those things before I posted. You were correct on both fronts. Thanks again.

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    No worries my friend. We’ve all been there. 🙂

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