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My in-wall mirror version 2.0

  • Just wanted to share my mirror. The original guide (in Swedish) is available at More details written there.

    The things I have done is to:

    • Build the frame
    • Mount it in the wall
    • Added better cooling
    • Changed to real Mirrorpane glass
    • Sprayed the frame instead of the initial paint and 3d printed a raspberry case
    • Connected it with Home Assistant and Alexa

    alt text

    First I built the frame. I used a 24" monitor. I used a slightly bigger glass. My frame is 43*20 mm. Something like in the images below. I was worried about the heat so I took an image with my heat cam.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    In wall mount

    We just changed our kitchen and removed all walls. I got the idéa that maybe it was possible to mount the mirror in the wall. I also noticed the vent was just beside the hole and after some tweaking I was able to connect the vent coming from outside to the mirror frame.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Mirrorpane glass

    I had film before and the difference is amazing. The glass is 6 mm thick. It costed me 60€. It is 40*56 cm. The negative things are:

    It is thicker
    It has a slightly red tone
    More light is shining through

    My mirror is larger than the monitor. This means light may shine through at the sides. I have put a black paper at the sides. In total darkness the screen is a little bit gray and the sides are black.
    Changed the contrast and brightness of the screen to fix this.

    alt text

    Sprayed the frame instead of using paint and printed a raspberry case. Used my ANET A8 3d printer to make a case.
    alt text
    alt text

    Connected it with Home Assistant och Alexa

    I am using the MMM-Remote Control. Maybe there are better solutions. I can now say Alexa, Reboot my magic Mirror or Alexa, Shutdown Magic Mirror. Or if none is home the monitor will be turned off. The code is found on my site.

  • Module Developer

    Really nice, like the in wall idea

  • Project Sponsor

    Nice work, what brand of mirror did you get? Mirroview?

    And Btw… DeWalt, bra skit! ^_^

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    Excellent! I love the venting! Is it active or passive? In any case, a fantastic idea!

  • @broberg It is the Mirroview from Pilkington. Was able to get it from a local dealer here in Gothenburg. @Mykle1 It is the passive venting for the house. Not sure how well this actual works but it seems cool so far.

  • Hi @planet4

    really nice work.

    Can u explain what u do, that u work with alexa and the mirror? My swedish is very bad 😉


  • @ostfilinchen Thanks. Short version is that I have made a commandline switch in Home Assistant. In that way I can control everything in HA that is found in MMM- remote. Home Assistant is connected to Alexa and at the moment I can run commands like, Alexa, restart Magic Mirror. Or Alexa, Shutdown Magic mirror monitor. I am planning to make it work like Alexa, Show module X etc. In alexa I have created routines connected to smart devices. So the main setup is Echo plus, Home Assistant and cloud. Maybe you can to a translate of where it is more in detail.

  • okay thanks. is it right, that u installed the home assistant on a other pi or do u install it on the mirror pi?

  • @ostfilinchen I have one Pi for magicMirror, One for Home Assistant, One for Grafana and Influx (I show info from HA like temperature, internet speed etc on my mirror) and also one running kodi and one for Retropie. I like to keep them separated to keep things simple in case of a crash. I could install HA on the mirror PI as well if I wanted to.

  • @planet4

    is there an installscript or have i to intall via hassbian?

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