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Not a mirror .................

  • Finally it’s hanging on the wall: my first Magic Mirror, but it’ s not a mirror ……
    I bought a RPI about 2 years ago and had no idea what to do with it.
    Just before Christmas 2017 I stumbled over the Magic Mirror project and I was lost!
    I found an old 21” monitor, installed MM, tried a lot of modules, bought a mirror glass, removed the modules, installed other modules and finally I decided not to use the mirror glass at all.
    Showing all the thousands of holiday pictures I made during our trips to Russia, China and Maroc was the most important part of my project and the mirror made it a little less crispy.
    I am very grateful to all the persons on this form that helped me (Mykle1 was the first to help me, but al lot of people did in the last few months).

    I finaly ended up with a very simple informationpanel, in a simple wooden rim.
    The modules I installed:

    • MMM-Watchdog
    • MMM-PIR-Sensor
    • MMM-Systemtemperature (a fan on the pi starts at 60 degr C)
    • MMM-WU-Moonphase
    • Worldclock
    • Clock
    • Calendar Monthly
    • Calendar (with 5 different ics calendars)
    • MMM-Domoticz (with Domoticz running on a second Pi)
    • MMM-NOAA (version 1)
    • MMM-Formula 1
    • MMM-Movielistings
    • MMM-ImagePhotos
    • Newsfeed (with 5 feeds from newspapers)

    The Pi turns of the screen at night by cron and by day with the PIR.
    I hope I can show a picture here.
    Greetings from the Netherlands; and thanks everybody for your help!

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    @Peter said in Not a mirror .................:

    Mykle1 was the first to help me

    That’s right 🙂

    Quite a few people have opted for no mirror. Sort of an information board, command center type thing. I like the idea. I’m glad you found the option that suited you.

    Try again to post a picture/pictures of your mirror. Personally, I like a story to go with it.

    Lastly, of all the modules you have posted above, I don’t see any of mine! haha

    Just kidding. 🙂


  • @Mykle1 When trying to upload a picture I get this message:
    Something went wrong while parsing server response.
    Any idea how to avoid this problem?

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    How big is the file size of the picture you are trying to upload? Can you try another picture file that has a file size of 100k or so and see what happens? Also, make sure you see the upload appear in the “Preview Window” on the right before clicking the blue, “Submit” button.

  • 0_1524933477857_Mirror-1.jpg
    Finally a picture (unfortunately I can’t get it the right way).

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    @Peter said in Not a mirror .................:

    Finally a picture (unfortunately I can’t get it the right way).

    An image editor will be able to rotate the picture for you

  • Hi Peter,

    Nice to see your setup. I’ve had the same idea. But somehow I’ve missed the MMM-PIR-Sensor module. I’ve written a python script to switch off the screen if no one triggered the PIR. I’ll try this module.

    What PIR module are u using? I’ve bought a cheap one on Ali but it doesn’t do the job. Too many errors.

    This is my setup.

    • MMM-CalandarExt
    • MMM-RandomBackground
    • MMM-WunderGround
    • worldclock

  • Hi, this is the pir I am using:
    It is more sensitive than I thought.
    I removed the plastic dome, drilled a hole in the wooden rim of the mirror and mounted the pir.

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