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MMM-PublicTransportBerlin - Public transport for Berlin and Brandenburg (departures)

  • Hey guys, I have good news for you:

    Commit 8c5e69f in the GitHub repo implements the one direction feature feature via the directionStationId variable. You just enter the next station on your line for the direction you want the departures to be shown.

    Some words about that:

    After some tests, the data delivery of this feature seems not to be as reliable as the normal version. Also, please make sure you actually have the right stationId for the direction station.
    Additionally, more request results take more time for the request. So please make sure to keep your maxUnreachableDepartures and maxReachabledepartures low when using this feature.

    If you encounter any issues with that, please open an issue on GitHub.

    I also mentioned this in the readme. Thanks again to @derhuerst for implementing the feature in his service!

    /cc @M1dn8 @gekberlin @ROMSY

  • Hi,
    this is a very nice module! One thing though: Is there a way to make the text stop scrolling from right to left, if it’s a realy long station name?

  • @Kleriker Yes, you can set the marqueeLongDirections option to false`.

    It’s described in the “Configuration” section here:

  • @Beh OH how did I fail to see that… Thank you!

  • this is an awesome module. Thank you for that!
    Unfortunately, HVV does not support the API Key anymore.

    Does anyone of you guys know a different way of getting the API key?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • @rudibarani @olexs Did you solve the problem with the delay-calculation?

  • Attention:

    Due to changes in the API, the stationId must be a string now. If you experience errors, please check the updated readme and change your configuration to use a string for the ID.

    This is also true for the directionStationId is you use this feature.

  • Hello,

    I get the following error using this module for about 2 days:

    “Fehler bei Daten abrufen; {ifHafasError”:true,“message”:“Gateaway Time-out”,“statusCode”:504}
    Das könnte heißen, dass VBB-Daten gerade nicht verfügbar sind.

    I already updated the stationID and it was working correctly after the change. But now, I get this error.

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot.

  • @nem1
    This actually means what it says. VBB Data is currently not available. The API is down for some days now… The error has been reported.

    You can check the status at

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    It is my first installation of this module and I also have the same error message.
    Is the VBB data still out of order or did I wrongly configure my module ?

    Thank you in advance,

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