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    MMM-Hotword is a hotword detector using snowboy.
    You can use this module to wake another voice assistant or to give a command to other module.




    2.0.0 (2019-05-19)

    • Whole new build-up
    • Some annoying dependencies are removed.
    • Installer is provided. (installer/
    • Personal model trainer is provided. (trainer/
    • Continuous recording after hotword detection is supported (Now you can say like “Computer, volume up” without pausing between Computer and volume up)
      • This feature could be used with MMM-AssistantMk2 ver3.x(Not yet released, but will arrive soon)
      • Or you can use this feature with other AI or Speech-To-Text program.
    • Simple standalone commands could be available. (Without any Assistant or Speech-To-Text, you can make own voice commands with this module standalone.). Commands could be combined sequence (You can make “volume-louder” with voice models “volume” and “louder”)
    • More universal models are added. (computer, subex, hey extreme and more.)
    • Hotword detected could be displayed on screen of MM.


    Last Tested; (2019-05-19)

    • MagicMirror : v2.7.1
    • Tested Environment :
      • Raspbian Stretch (Raspbian 3B+) / node v8.16.0 / npm v6.4.1
      • TinkerOS (TinkerBoard)
      • Ubuntu 18.04 (NVIDIA Jetson Nano)
      • OSX 10.14.4 (Apple MacBookPro) / node v11.12.0 / npm v6.7.0

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    Excellent! I can finally get my mirror to respond to a particular swear word. It’s a literary reference. Honest.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @bhepler said in MMM-Hotword:

    Excellent! I can finally get my mirror to respond to a particular swear word. It’s a literary reference. Honest.

    HAHAHAHA Nice…

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Great job @Sean!!

  • @Sean Will you are again the man to ask about my last predicament!!
    It is regarding MMM-Hotword … i have AlexaPi installed independently of Magic Mirror on the same Rpi and i want to install MMM-Voice as well but they are conflicting over microphone resources how can i use them both with either 1 ore 2 USB mics ( i have 2 mics if it’s easier) but don’t know how to configure them to be used by the 2 programs - 1 each. Will MMM-Hotword be able to achieve that i want to do use Alexa and Voice module on the same mirror.
    Again please point me to the right direction.

  • Module Developer

    First, I haven’t been using AlexaPi and MMM-Voice.
    With short glance, It seems different mic could be assigned to AlexaPi and MMM-Voice separately.
    (See the AlexaPi and MMM-Voice Configuration.)
    But I don’t know whether it would work or not.
    And I’m not sure MMM-Hotword would do that. Because AlexaPi is out of MM. So, It is not controllable by MM. You should use another mic or even another RPI.
    I think, The better way of voice controlling with Alexa is to use Alexa Skill, - like MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

  • @Sean
    ah great thought I already seen I alexa module that receives the messages. I guess thats a lot better (and easier) solution than running two voice recognitions. he also has a quite good docu on how to set up the whole alexa skill stuff 👍

  • Oh dang i did not see the MirrorMirrorOnTheWall module…let me see how difficult is to implement that and i will bother you again LOL 🙂
    thank you guys @Sean

  • is there anyway to integrate hotword with xscreensaver so i can blank the screen at 10 minutes and it pops back on whenever i say the hotword to the mirror ?

  • Module Developer

    I think possible.
    With MMM-notficationTrigger, you can override HOTWORD_DETECTED notification to any notification for any other modules.
    So, If you have some module which can awake screen (I don’t know whether really that kind of module exists), it is possible.
    If it doesn’t exist, hmmm. you might be able to fork this repository and modify it for that purpose.

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