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  • Module Developer

    Not possible currently. Heights are dependent on duration.
    I’ll consider it on next update but You’d better to display static table your own with some iframe or html module.(My MMM-HTMLBox can show static html on MM)

  • @Sean

    OK, I got it. Thanks for your reply.Let me try your MMM-HTMLBox.

    Hahahah, I found I already become one of your fans. After trying out a module several days,I found it is coded by you,ig.,MMM-GroveGesture,MMM-CalendarExt.
    I’m looking forward to next version about MMM-Timetable.

    Have a good day!

  • @Sean

    Another problem: under the MMM-page or MMM-page-select module environment, when you start MagicMirror, sometimes you will see the following MMM-Timeable UI:

    Until the modules refresh, the UI will be OK:


    The issue only happened when Magic Mirror start. I know this is not a serious problem because you will not frequently restart Magic Mirror and switch to the MMM-Timeable page.

    Do you have some suggestions about it?

  • Module Developer

    This module would detect it’s position and dimensions to draw itself. To calculate proper size it needs. On start and each refresh interval it will recalculate.
    But some page modules prevent this detection by hiding module on start. And will show this module suddenly so module cannot have proper values. Of course after showing, on the next refeshing period, it could complete detection then will be no more problem.
    To avoid this, put this module on first page or shorten refreshing time.

  • Module Developer

    In a few days, I’ll look inside my code and try to make its work better way. I think I can add recalculation logic on module’s resume.
    Anyway, so many courses. :D. but it’s usual in Far east Asia like China and Korea. I’m from Korea, but living in Germany now… In my highschool days of Korea, My classes began at 7:00AM and finished at 10:00PM LITERALLY. Not so worst to me but… 🙂

  • @Sean

    Hahaha, it’s my son’s school timetable. He is only ten years old. He like this timetable very much. I told him a foreign uncle coded this timetable for him. He is very pride for it…

    Thank you so much for bringing much happiness to our family.

  • @Sean said in MMM-Timetable:

    and finished at 10:00PM LITERALLY.

    😱 😵

  • Module Developer

    30 years ago, that was usual for who wanted to enter Univ. in S.Korea. 😃
    Nowadays, Highschool itself doesn’t go that way, but Students are studying very hard personally at Home or private institutes or with private teachers to take better score.

  • @Sean alright that makes sense then. 😁

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