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Access control

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    Dear all,
    is there a way to control access to the Magic Mirror next to whitelisting IPs? I would like to use a MagicMirror as info-screen for my commuting and thus need to access it also when I am at my office and want to go home.

    Of course, if I open the port to the Internet, everyone can access my MagicMirror-Website. Is there a way to limit access only to selected viewers, maybe by passing along a secret token with the URL (http://myMagicMirror:8080?secretToken=myAccessToken)?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    You can setup a VPN server at home. Many routers have settings for this.

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    @retroflex Thanks for the idea. I think this is a possible option for many - but I already have the company VPN on my devices and unfortunately cannot add another VPN.

    Do you think it would be difficulty to implement the token-idea I described above? This would bring much more security to a lot of users without difficult changes…

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