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Flick Large gesture control

  • I sorted it out. Didn’t have python-shell installed 🙂

  • So you did you get it to work? I have an updated version if you are interested.

  • @Radu_Stancu

    Did you considered using (and maybe tweaking a bit) the MMM-GroveGestures module and “only” replace the Grove Gesture Sensor (PAJ7620u2) by the Flick one?

    It’s maybe a bit “basic thinking” from me but the MMM-GroveGestures plugin is really working great and both sensor seems to be based on the same working method / supplier / …
    So maybe worth to consider it, don’t you think?

    (would eb great for me at least, as I’m using MMM-GroveGestures and I’m interested into switching to the flick one).


  • Hi,

    Sorry for my really late reply, I have been working on the module for a while, getting the mouse control to work.

    As for your request, I did not know of the MMM-GroveGestures module. I had a look at it and the basic commands are basically the same although the code is written a bit differently. The gestures sequence though is a nice feature and I will look into that and try to do it the following days, but I am not really sure what actions should I bind to those new gestures.

    Best regards,


  • @Radu_Stancu

    Did you make some progress in your work, and so can you share it, I’d be glad to help with the module


  • @xne0n, I have made some progress, it runs perfectly smooth on the Asus Tinker board, I have managed to get mouse input working decently. It works by putting your finger close to the flick, the orange led turns on, and then the mouse follows your finger. It is not mouse pad like precision, but it gets the job done. I will update the source code, or maybe add it as a module on github after I finish writing my thesis.

  • @Radu_Stancu very interesting ! ok thank you

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