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Is there a "Rasbian simulation enviroment" for windows??

  • Hi all,

    I have a question and perhaps I’m asking in at the wrong forum but here goes:
    I would like to know if there is a way to have Rasbian installed somehow under Windows so I can run MM2 and install and test modules I would like to ad to my MagicMirror. Sometimes during the day I have some spare time and would like to work on my MM but I can’t bring my Pi and work on it directly.
    So some sort of simulation program would be ideaal.
    This should run on a company laptop so network changes are a no-go.

    Hope some of you are doing what I’m looking for already and can help me with it.

    Thanks in advance!
    With kind regards,

  • really the best you could do is install a linux virtual machine… using VMWare Player (free) and ubuntu (free)…

    but on a work machine?? that usually leads to bad things happening…

  • @sdetweil Thanks for replying.
    A few question:

    • do I need both VMWare player and Ubuntu? Or just VMWare player and load the latest Raspbian image in it?
    • I have admin rights on this laptop. ☺

  • Moderator

    I agree to @sdetweil
    Better think twice about fiddling around with your company laptop. I don’t know you, I don’t know your job nor your boss, but it could cause trouble doing such private stuff on a company issued device.

    That being said you could simply install node.js on the machine, start your mirror in serveronly mode and connect Chrome to the localhost ip address.

  • vmware player is the thing that gives u the ability to run another OS on top of windows as an app.

    raspian hardware is different than what windows runs on, so it wont run in that virtual machine on windows
    (only intel or amd processor supported OS’s)

    but you can get ‘close’ with ubuntu instead

  • Thanks for the reply’s. Reading your posts I think I’ll buy a 11 inch HDMI screen from aliexpress and take my Pi 3B+ with me to work after all.
    I’m just starting with a Raspberry Pi (and Linux) and I don’t want to screw-up this laptop. 😅

    I thought … I hoped it would be easy to do, but the risk is bigger then taking my Pi with me every day. Who knows… I could even build a sort of “laptop” like contraption with a screen from Aliexpress, a bluetooth keyboard and a Pi.
    Thanks anyway for your help and tips! 👍 👍 👍

  • Module Developer

    Raspbian OS(Stretch) is derived from Debian Stretch. The environment is almost same, but some H/W dependent feature will be another issue.
    Anyway, I’m using just OSX for development. Most of *nix system is not so different with that of Raspberry.

  • @mwel1977 you wouldn’t need the screen… you could do MM as remote in a browser, and SSH into the pi and winscp to copy/edit files

    thats what I do… pi is on the other side of the room… do all work from windows

    works great…

  • @sean right… thats why I said he could get ‘close’… only a few hardware dependant things…

    sensor stuff maybe… i use a webcam for motion detection… don’t know (haven’t looked) to see if supported on ubuntu intel… but probably)

  • @sdetweil I have setup SSH on my Pi to, but I don’t work at home. 😅
    And I know that the wifi network here at work is setup not to allow other hardware other then those that have company certificates.
    So at work I can’t use SSH and would need to work directly on my Pi.
    So a small portable screen would work for me.

    Or…I could install ALL the modules from the list and change the config.js file on my windows laptop and test it when I come home! 😂 😂 😂

    😖 😖 That’s going to take like…forever! 😵 😵 😵

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