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MMM podcast stops working since YQL service was turned off

  • MMM podcast module stops working.
    Since this module works with YQL service and this was turned off.
    As of Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, the YQL service at will be retired.

    Is there a possibility that it is otherwise solved.
    Or an alternative!
    I need podcast for Tagesschau 100sek.

  • Module Developer


    i was annoyed to, that MMM-Podcast stops working, so i made a “quick & dirty” replacement.

    Difference to MMM-Podcast:

    • no need to download the videofile first
    • no need of the yahoo YQL service


    • i used the same notification BUTTON_PRESSED to use the module, so not much changes in your config.js neccessary
    • no node dependencies, so no npm install is required


    • quick & dirty, need some improvement as i have time


  • Wohoo Great!
    I will try it tomorrow.
    Many Thanks

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