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Some MagicMirror Modules are really confusing

  • Hello everyone,
    My goal is to build something like a Dakboard. I’m not sure if I’m going the mirror route yet or not.

    The calendar part is where I’m having the most problems. The only module I’ve found to do what I want is the MMM-CalendarExt. However, it is VERY complicated for someone that doesn’t know programming. I want the calendar it self to be very simple (no crazy colors or shapes or anything)…just a plain calendar similar to this:
    Except maybe not that bulky of a date. I’m looking for large, clean, events listed, and color coded to match my Google Calendar colors (similar to how Google Calendar looks). Can someone help me out with this module or if they have found something else that works?

    I want to use MagicMirror over Dakboard for the customization (I won’t pay for premium) and Alexa controlling the modules…