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Anyone successfully using MMM-Tesla module?

  • I have coded the following but only get message “Loading …” in the assigned area. Any tips or tricks to getting this to work?

                        module: "MMM-Tesla",
                        position: "bottom_left",
                        config: {
                                email: "REDACTED",
                                password: "REDACTED",
                                client_id: "81527cff06843c8634fdc09e8ac0abefb46...",
                                clent_secret: "c7257eb71a564034f9419ee651c7d0e5...",
                                vehicle_id: "REDACTED",
                                google_api_key: "REDACTED",
                                refreshInterval: 1000 * 60 * 10

  • I’m in the same boat, with the same “Loading…” message. Did you ever get it working?

  • @jpiatt open the developers window with


    Or start mm in dev mode

    npm start dev

    Select the console tab, and scroll up to find any errors, red rext

  • @jpiatt

    I did, finally. Maybe this will help:

    I used the teslams command line program to get my vehicle_ID. There are two IDs that it presents: one is vehicle ID and was 10 characters. The one you want is just called “ID” and is 17 characters. Worked instantly after I changed that.

    See if that gets you there.