Complete Options List for config.js

  • @broberg that is the simplest, most comprehensive explanation I’ve seen so far. That really helps to wrap my head around this. That explanation should be included in the readme file for the MagicMirror. Thank you.

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    @nimbus78 yes

  • @nimbus78 yes. Assuming you are in Windows… download notepad++. It’s free. Once you have it open go to the plug in manager and search for java or jscript plug ins. I can not think of the one that I really like at the moment but you can then copy your config to your windows box. Hit one button and it will line everything up nice and clean jscript format. It will make looking at your config a lot easier. From there it will also tell you if you are forgetting a comma or curly bracket as you add modules to your config.

    Use winscp to copy the config to/from your pi.

    Also. Once you have a good workin config and you wanna play with a new module. Make a back up first so that if it doesn’t work out or you are frustrated you can “restore the back up”

    On the pi command line to create a back up.

    Navigate to the die with your config:

    cp config.filename

    cp is the copy command and it works as “from” and then “to”

    If you ever need to restore:

    cp config.filename.

    Reload and you are safely back where you started before screwing with your config.

    Hopefully some of this helps you.