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"Out of memory" issues - where do I begin?

  • @ember1205 the upgrade doesn’t know about your local change to use run-start… but all u had to do was restore that one line in package.json

    it now seems that it is refusing to run the upgrade script

    show me the ~/MagicMirror/installers/upgrade.log

  • @sdetweil This is all that it spits out on a test run (and MM no longer shows that it is out of date but it is):

    Upgrade started - Mon Dec 28 09:07:08 EST 2020
    system is Linux raspberrypi 4.19.75-v7+ #1270 SMP Tue Sep 24 18:45:11 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux
    the os is Distributor ID: Raspbian Description: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Release: 10 Codename: buster
    doing test run = true, NO updates will be applied!
    saving custom.css
    Unable to determine upstream git repository
    restoring custom.css
    removing git alias
    Upgrade ended - Mon Dec 28 09:07:09 EST 2020

    I tried connecting to a couple of web sites via CURL and it throws errors about loading certificates and these sites should work fine. So, the combo of everything is why I’m suspecting that there is a certificate issue due to an older OS on the Pi. I’m doing an upgrade on it now…

  • @ember1205 when u made your backup, how did u do it? you may not have backed up the git repo

    from the MagicMirror folder
    do a git status
    and ls .git (notice the leading dot)

  • @sdetweil I honestly don’t recall if I renamed the original folder MM-backup/ and then did rsync back to MagicMirror/ or just did rsync to MM-backup/. My rsync would have been with flags ‘-vaPHSx’, so either way it should have gotten everything.

    I’ll check for the .git directory…

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