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Newbie to everything - Error in module and cant work out why!

  • Hi all,
    I am a complete beginner at everything. Only been coding for a few months and it hasn;t even been in JS or HTML!
    Couldn;t resist trying to get a MagicMirror and with the help of a proficient mate here I am.

    So here is my problem…(see attached image)… I am not sure where it is other than it relates to the MMM-MyTraktSeries module, which shows ‘loading…’ when displayed on my mirror.

    Was wondering if someone could explain the issue to me (and possibly a solution?) so that I have better understanding on how to deal with this in the future!


    Many thanks from me!

  • what gave you this error? what were you trying to do? I started making a magic mirror a week ago and i can help with creating a basic magic mirror.

  • This is the error that the log spat. The module (MyTraktSeries) loads on the screen but then is stuck in a constant state of ‘Loading’ (literally what it says on screen). The rest of the modules come up fine and work as normal. I ran the log to see if anything was happening behind the screens.

  • @erycken press ctrl-shift-i (lower case letter i) to open the debug console and select the console tab, you may have to scroll back to see if the module reported an error here

  • @sdetweil I am sorry, but where/how am I supposed to do this? I have disabled keyboard/mouse access to my pi and SSH in due to its location.

    Edit : I have no idea how it was disabled as a mate did it.

  • @erycken bummer, u need keyboard access to the MM screen to do the ctrl-shift-i…

    you could restart the mm in dev mode to do the same thing, but u will need keyboard access to select the console tab

  • @sdetweil Well… i just did the updates and it has given me a black screen… I think I may be able to get around the keyboard thing once I get back up and running!

  • Ok so my mirror is completely messed up since the update (might be partially my fault though I have no idea) so I am going to try and rebuild my mirror from scratch over the next few days…
    I’ll update you all on if the rebuild helps the error I am currently experiencing or if it is still present. Thanks…

  • Completely remade my mirror (without doing updates this time) and still getting the loading issue… Just a little FYI.
    @sdetweil I did as you suggested and I didn’t see anything stand out to me other than this :
    0_1530845990867_80945c68-203d-4349-a6d1-6a078b69aab7-ScreenCapture.png ScreenCapture.png


  • can u scroll back up in the debug log, to the top…
    and also

    minimize the mirror screen, alt-spacebar, n
    to be able to see the console window

    i just installed 2.4.1 on my new pi… and its working fine…

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