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DropboxWallpaper pictures are rotated to the left

  • Hi Everyone
    I’ve got a problem with MMM-DropboxWallpaper when displaying protrait pictures in the ‘cover’ mode. Landscape pictures are displayed correctly, but the portrait pictures are rotated to the left. On dropbox they are correctly saved (upright). Anyone any idea why this happens? I have tried to rotate all the portrait pictures to the right, but on the mirror they are still rotated to the left.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Module Developer

    @djc27 When in contain mode also photos are rotated?

  • Module Developer

    @sean Too many days are gone, so my remembrance is not perfect. But as I remember, I didn’t put any rotation for pictures in the module. It means your original photos are taken as rotated. But your photo viewers could show automatically pictures in its right direction. But My module doesn’t check any direction information from the pictures.

    Anyway, I’ll check furthermore, if there is any possible fixing about that.

  • @sean Thank you for your quick reply. I have checked ‘contain’ and ‘hybrid’ mode and all the pictures remain rotated to the side… Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Module Developer

    First, In Dropbox API, there is no information about the direction of Photo. Maybe with EXIF parsing, I could abstract that info from photos. But additional EXIF parser routines should be added.
    Nowadays common digital cameras automatically save pictures with right direction. I guess, your photos were taken with somewhat older camera.
    And your manual rotating pictures might be not progressed in original files. current common photo viewers/editors (like Apple Photos) using a copy of the original file for manipulating and showing for the user.

    Anyway, I’ve found also my MMM-DropboxyWallpaer are using older version of API. I will update in somedays, but not promise.

  • @sean Some pictures were indeed taken with an older camera (approx. 6 years old) but some were taken with a recent smartphone. I encountered the problem with all of them. The dimensions of the pictures seem to change correctly, when they are manually rotated. But anyway thanks for your help. I might just try and safe some of the pictures in landscape mode with two black bars on the side so that the pictures will be shown the right way up and appear to be in landscape mode for the magicmirror.

  • @Sean Same here all… pictures are rotated very few are the right way … the majority of photos are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and some with older camera

  • Module Developer

    @DJC27 @richland007
    Could you send me some pictures with wrong orientations for a test?
    My all photos are already rotated to the right orientation, so, I couldn’t test.
    my email address is in my profile. I think one or two photos are enough.

  • Module Developer

  • @sean Thank you very much. I’ll try that tomorrow and I will consider the README file.

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