MagicMirror² v2.8.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

Updating 6db61b4..de57daa

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    @icephreaq - Give this a try:

    cd ~/MagicMirror
    git stash
    git pull
    npm install

    Also, @costascontis - You shouldn’t run the git commands as sudo. You may end up screwing up your permissions on the files pulled down from git.

  • I ended up removing all instances of package-lock.json and ran git pull and was able to successfully update. Thanks for everyone’s input on this!

  • @idoodler Okay. Thanks for that answer! hehehehe…
    Anyway my MM2 is working like it should be after I moved that folder and did the git pull again.
    But about the steps to take on how to update a module or a dependency or Node.js in my case… is that written down somewere here on the forum?
    Like… all the steps someone needs to take in order to keep MM2 in shape?

  • @mwel1977 get yourself MMM-RemoteControl and MMM-RemoteRepositories to get those modules updated easily, it will check through them and update automagically when you go into the html page

  • @dazza120 Thanks for the tip!
    Downside of that is that I don’t learn how things work.
    Doing it myself (with some help of you all wonderfull people here) is the best way of learning things.
    I do have SSH setup so I can dail in via my smartphone…but first I need to get better in the commandline commands.

  • @mwel1977 I use VNC on my Pi to connect to it then terminal and just install those like you would any module then edit the config file, then just log into the html page which would be the address of your device xxxxxx:8080/remote.html
    and that’s the rest of the magic is done on that webpage