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some modules are not showing on screen

  • Thanks!
    I’ve connected a monitor and keyboard. Connected via ssh and started like you’ve posted.

    Uh great output. Never seen 🙂 … but I am not a node-nerd yet. Anyway…

    There are errors to the modules I’ve missing.

    In every case there is an error loading the skripts. In the log I saw there is a “/” too much while executing. For example:

    Same at the other modules. But why? Where to correct this?

  • Oh I saw its on all the paths (the running also).
    But the error at all the modules are

    ERROR on loading script XYZ

    The scripts are in the given folder.

  • @stephen a file system problem again.

    U need to run fsck , the Unix chkdsk.
    But u can’t run on the boot drive while system is running …

    Google search ‘fsck raspberry pi’

    I have another Linux system i can use.

  • oh lord… I quess I have something…

    I quess it was my mistake… Was it?

    Some modules are in /MagicMirror/node_modules/
    and some are in /MagicMirror/modules

  • @stephen node_modules are the ones download by install in support of the mirror… all good

    modules are the add ons to the MagicMirror

  • Maybe it has something to do with the

    npm install

    sometimes I had to run (as discribed at the mod-pages)?

    I’ll try to pull the modules in the right folder and give it a try

  • @stephen no… don’t change anything… npm install built the node_modules folder… it is ok…

  • Hell…thats it!

    I’ve reinstalled the “not-working” / not showing modules INTO the /modules folder and it simply works!

    Have a big thanks @sdetweil !

    Its not always a filesystem-problem, sometimes the problem is right in front of the keyboard 😃

  • @stephen cool

  • @stephen sorry, I misread your 1st post… I took it to mean it HAD been working and all of a sudden it was not…

    got to learn to read more carefully!

    can u mark your problem resolved?

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