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Profile Switcher - RC522 RFID

  • Hey everyone! I’m new in the forum in magicmirror type projects amd i have very little programming skills, but i have successfully assembled a magic mirror and have in working know 🙂
    I searched extensively to find a means to change profiles using a RC522 reader connected to a Raspberry pi 3 but have not fund nothing substancial 😕 I see lots of applications with this format of identification with a simple swipe of a card and i would love some help !!!

    I know i can’t be the first one trying this out 😉

  • @miguel-abap should be pretty easy if the RFID reader works

  • It seams to be working i got it today and connected with some jumper cables to the raspberry pi.
    I just now found this later today i’ll try this method and see if it works 🙂

  • @miguel-abap Hi there did you get htis to work??
    I have not tried it yet (i just got my RC522) and both me and my wife have rfid/nfc on our wedding rings so it will be cool to switch profiles by grabbing the left side of the mirror frame where the RC522 will be installed.

    Let me know please if you ran into any issues