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MMM-Assistant // MMM-Hotword

  • Hi,

    want my MMM-Assistant to start op in my google custom action i made.

    the way i got it now “Say (Hotword) then say (Talk to custom action) then i can ask my action (who is the fairest of them all?)” and it says my daughter name. i did it this way because it need to be in danish.

    So if i in any way can do this “Say (Hotword) then make it auto start inside my custom action.”

    And one moe thing i need help with usening more and Hotword that call each a new task. and config setup up of this will be rly usefull

  • Module Developer

    You’ve made gaction for device? Or universal?
    If you made it for device, you don’t need “talk to…”.
    See the gaction sample in codes.

  • @Sean Im not getting a device registration on google actions?

    how do i make MMM-Hotword call MMM-GAction? or do i just let it call MMM-Assistant stil

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