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  • Hi, hobe any one can help me out abit here.

    i made GAction work with hotword and MMM-AssistantMk2. but the default reboot and shutdown work but do not restart or shutdown my Raspberry.

    But all i want with Gaction is to beable to have one action that make google assistant say “Your are petty” after a voice command
    then i want a action that are able to run a linux command (Need to disable a usb port and enable) efter a voice command.

    So if any got a actions.json i can see that are able to do that i will make my day.

  • Module Developer

    gaction is just trigger definition about your voice query (and the simple response - If you need more complex response, you should have at least one server which fulfill your response on realtime)
    It means, you can make voice order “Open the door”, and you can make GA response like “Yes, sir” with gAction,
    but the real action of opening door should be made by yourself(or by other program). See the command and gAction sections in documents. command would do real job.

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