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Magic Mirror Weekly Meal Planner

  • Hi Guys.

    I am really keen to start building a Magic Mirror. I have been trying to think of a good use case so that my Mrs would be on board and actually enjoy using it. In our Kitchen we have a weekly meal planner so that we know on what day we are having fish and chips or what ever.

    Now i think the use case could be replacing the pen board we have and replacing it with a Magic Mirror. Just some back ground info we use Samsung SmartThings , Google home. So is it possible that we could display a weekly meal planner on the Magic Mirror? In order to get the info on the Magic Mirror it would be good to say Hey Google add Fish and Chips to Monday planner and it some hows adds this to a file or system that the Magic Mirror can pick up

    I love this idea combined with showing new and calendar infor on screen. It just seems to amazing. So is this possible or is it still far to Harry Potter?

    Thanks in advance

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