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Special characters won't appear correctly on newsfeed module

  • Platform: Raspberry Pi 3B with Raspbian Stretch (Full version, not Lite)

    Node Version: 10.15.3

    MagicMirror Version: 2.6.0

    Description: Special characters won’t appear correctly in newsfeed module (ő, ű). All other standard and even non-standard (á, é, ú, etc…) characters are viewed in the normal Roboto font. Also other modules show these characters correctly (for example the default Calendar module).

    Steps to Reproduce: Setup the newsfeed module and configure an RSS channel which uses these characters in their RSS feeds (eg.: hungarian news).

    Expected Results: View these characters in the same font (Roboto).
    An example photo that it is working in the Calendar module:
    alt text

    Actual Results: The characters appear in the newsfeed module like this:
    alt text

    @MichMich Can you help me here, since you closed my issue on GitHub? Thanks!

  • I have solved it by selecting a font which really includes these characters…