Would this be possible?

  • @Sean thanks. Ill try to modify the .css in the module I have and see what happens.

  • @Sean

    Still, would it be possible that MMM-Spotify sends notification when start playing and when end playing as I would like to hide some other modules when this one is playing?

    Or is that also possible through .css?


  • Module Developer

    No notification about status emits . It will be added next updates.
    He just asked hidnig module on pausing, that is possible with only css.

  • @Sean
    OK, would be great (at least for my need). I will follow the git to be informed about the next update then. Thx.

  • Additional .css question :

    I’m trying to get the MMM-Spotify module centered (when using a center region / area, it still displays on left side).
    Could you please tell me how I should modify custom.css to do that?

    I don’t know if it’s linked to the spotify.css or the custom.css or if I need to modify the region into the main.css… Also I don’t know really which parameter I should tweak…

    Thx already

  • @Sean

    That´s exactly what i was looking for… but I think that there is one wee problem, it only works when you press pause or stop it but the module doesnt disappear if you close the the app on your phone.

    Is there a way to hide the module when you close the app?

    Thanks and congrats on the module

  • Module Developer

    That is not so easy at this moment. Because, PPL can have several spotify devices at a same time. That one device is closed doesn’t mean all devices are inactive. Maybe it could be done by checking status of all devices per each seconds (Spotify API doesn’t push its status to client, so client should be pulling data when it is needed).
    Currently this module is already pulling playback data per each seconds, I’m not sure whether good to add device scanning additionally. It might make double of API using.