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Is there a tutorial for inner mechanics of an RPG Combat System?

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    Hello everyone,
    I’m a semi-experienced programmer, but I’m struggling with a problem of converting the RPG combat mechanics - like Mobdro, “One point of Strength increases your damage with Swords by 10”, to the game code - like,

    if (CurrentWeapon.Type Lucky Patcher == WeaponType.Sword)
    damage += Attributes.Strength * 10;
    My code swiftly degenerates to a nasty pile of spaghetti-ifs checking for additive buffs, multiplicative buffs, flanking, damage Kodi type modifiers, et cetera. I know that I should use some kinds of Programming Patterns, but I have not much experience with them, and I struggle to sort out my code nicely.

    Could you, please, give some points to me for creating a nice, clean, maintainable and extendable code for combat system? Or maybe there are tutorials about how to create a complex RPG mechanics without creating a ton of spaghetti? =-)

  • “One point of Strength increases your damage with Swords by 10”

    do you have a set of those messages that you could examine for a pattern

    1st -4th word are the cause (‘One point of Strength’)
    5th word has direction (‘increases’)
    7th-9th words has the effect (‘damage with Swords’)
    last word has the adjustment value (10)

    if they all have that pattern, you could write a regular expression to extract them and their parts

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