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Wallberry theme unsplash app kicks

  • Hi
    I just install magic mirror on my raspberry pi 3 b+ and i install the wallberry theme module. In order to see the unsplash wallpaper, an app must be create on unsplash website to obtain a secret api code. But after few days, unsplash sends me a mail witch says that my app is not compatible with unsplash rules. The mail below:

    The way you currently have your app designed violates point 3 of the API Usage Guidelines - You cannot replicate the core user experience of

    The best way to make sure your application doesn’t violate this guideline is to integrate Unsplash inside an existing app that offers more value than simply the Unsplash integration.

    Some examples:
    ✓ the Ghost integration brings Unsplash inside Ghost’s editor to improve the workflow of finding beautiful images. Without the integration, the app still offers a lot of value to its users.
    ✕ a wallpaper app that returns Unsplash images for downloading. Without the integration, the app has no content.
    Because your app is a wallpaper app, it currently violates the above API Usage Guideline.

    We’re all for remixing and open-source, but the API costs us a non-trivial amount of money to host, operate, and provide support for. We’d prefer not to be paying to actively support apps that are offering similar or competing services. Therefore, we’ve disabled your application.

    You are still more than welcome to use our API, just not in this specific way.

    Thanks for understanding, and I’m more than happy to elaborate on anything if you need me to.

    Can anybody says me the problem and provide me a solution. Thanks for next answers

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