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Flip the calendar to a different month

  • I’d like to change the calendar (I’m on a Raspberry Pi 3B) by moving to a different month. Just like you do on a wall calendar, flip to a different month. I realize I’ll need to add some type of code or button connected
    to GPIO pins and code it to do what I want. I just need to know, typically, where do the calendar modules (I know they’re somewhat different) get the starting date to display the month so
    that when I push a button it will change the month and move forward a month (or back a month if I have 2 buttons). Any help would be appreciated.

  • @ChuckLowe the default calendar module is hard coded to start with ‘today’, in multiple places…

  • Module Developer

    MMM-CalendarExt2 has a feature to change “SCENES” by notification. you can make your module to emit specific notification to show specific scene.

  • @Sean Crap on a stick. I just got done figuring out how to modify your old CalendarExt the way I like it. I certainly need this feature, so I guess I’ll be going back to the drawing board. My intention is to have control of the CalendarExt2 using your AssistantMK2 module. Should be fun!

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