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  • Hello,

    first of all I want to make compliments to all magic mirror developers, you do a great job! Thank you.

    I am studying all topics about the magic mirror already for a long time but only now I am assembling my first mirror. Installing the MMM-temp-ds18b20 module I came across a wierd phenomenon:
    Listing the temperature of the sensor (indoor) via the console shows the correct metric value. But when the mirror is running the temperture displayed is in “fahrenheit” (?)
    I have already checked config.js and the unit is set correctly to “metric”.
    But even more weird is that after a little while the fahrenheit suddenly jumps to celsius (the correct value) and little while later back again …

    Has anyone made a similar observation?


  • @ the moderators of this forum, could you please move this to the /modules/troubleshooting section? Wasn’t aware that there is more than one troubleshooting subfolder … thank you in advance.

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