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MMM-pihole-stats module

  • I signed up and started this topic hoping the community would know where I’m going wrong. I have added other modules to my MagicMirror with great success. This one is eluding me. Since I came across this module all I can find is the entry for my config/config.js. is this all I need? When adding my apiURL it starts with ‘http://’. What is stumping me is in config/config.js anything after // is not looked at. When I save and reboot it tells me to create a config file. If I go and put // in front of the apiURL line it works fine as if I wasn’t having any issues.I’m not sure if anyone has come across this and solved it, I do appreciate any help I could get.I’ve tried on my own now I lean on everyone here for assistance. Thanks in advance!!!

    …OH!! pihole is running on a different raspberry pi!

  • @mjb2287 you have to add a module entry to config J’s array of modules

    The minimum entry is

         module: "some module name",
         position: "some area of the screen",
         config: {

    If there is info to the module, it will be enclosed in quotes in not numeric, or true/false

    If u have syntax errors, u will get the ‘create a config’ message.

    In the MagicMirror folder do

    npm check:config

    Fix errors from the top down, Snd rerun til no errors

  • “some module name” MUST match the name of the folder in mm/modules, and the name of the js file which implements the module operations

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