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MMM-MyCommute doesn't show commute times

  • I’m new to this, and have been trying everything I can think of to get the MyCommute module working. Help!

    My Magic Mirror works fine and the MyCommute module shows up fine with little car and bike icons. But it won’t show any commute times. I’ve gone over the code again and again, and think it might be a problem with the way I set up the Google API. Is there a primer on how to set up the Google API?

    Yes, I installed the module in the MMM-MyCommute directory. I did get an API Key and linked it to a billing account.

    Here’s my config.js code:
    module: “MMM-MyCommute”,
    header: “Commute times”,
    position: “top_left”,
    classes: ‘default everyone’,
    config: {
    apikey: ‘GOOGLE API KEY’,
    origin: ‘19118 address’,
    startTime: ‘00:00’,
    endTime: ‘23:59’,
    destinations: [
    destination: ‘19104 address’,
    label: ‘Drive to Work’,
    mode: ‘driving’
    destination: ‘19104’,
    label: ‘Bike to Work’,
    mode: ‘bicycling’

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