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"MMM-BackgroundSlideshow" the path to the image in the USB folder?

  • If I update the image frequently, is there a way to save the path to the image in the USB folder?

  • @prism you will have to make a link from the module folder to the USB folder, then it will work…

    the MM web server root is the MagicMirror/modules folder

    see the ln command

  • @sdetweil

    Can you explain in detail? I’ve modified the path in ‘config.js’ and the module ‘MMM-BackgroundSlideshow.js’, but it does not recognize it.
    Grace to the elderly who are not familiar with computers …
    Wait for your detailed reply.

  • @prism who u calling elderly!. I am 68 in 2 weeks…lol!

    the link (ln) command provides for a local folder (or ) file, actually being someplace else


    ln -s "the usb folder" "some_new_directory in the MMM-BackgroundSlideshow folder"

    then config the module to show images from the “some_new_directory in the MMM-BackgroundSlideshow folder”

    in my case

    lrwxrwxrwx  1 odroid odroid   18 Apr 29 12:40 uploads -> /media/odroid/misc/

    uploads (here) points to my external disk shared over the network and mounted at /media/odroid/misc

    so my commands were

    cd MagicMirror/modules/MMM-ImageSlideShow
    ln -s /media/odroid/misc uploads

  • @sdetweil

    Thank you.
    Thanks to you, I was able to work without any problems.
    Thank you again for your kindness.

  • @prism great!.. can u mark this is resolved…

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