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Bathroom Smart Devices (Toothbrush, Scale, Razor, etc.)

  • Hi,

    so I recently got into Smart Mirrors and I’m planning out my own configuration. Besides all the awesome Modules that already exist, I started to think which use cases are still missing.

    Since I want to place my first Magic Mirror in the bathroom, why not connect Smart Toothbrushes and other bathroom devices to it. I’m thinking about Scales, Electric Razors, Toothbrushes etc.
    I found an awesome concept of the Philips Smart Mirror, which pretty much shows this use case:

    There are different topics, which already talked about the Oral-B Smart Toothbrushes, but they didn’t find any solutions, so I did some research:

    Oral-B seems to be the first company, that offered a “Smart” Toothbrush, that could connect to your phone via bluetooth and also show information on a small seperate screen. They used to offer an API for Android and iOS, but that one seems to be gone. As many found out, there is a way to get data from the toothbrush, but the bluetooth connection is an issue. Here are some links, to anything I could find about this topic:

    Philips recently pushed all kinds of “Bathroom Smart Devices” (as shown in the video) that connect to your phone. Unfortunately they don’t have any API or SDK for developers (at least I didn’t find anything). Maybe there is another way to access the data from those devices?

    The Chinese brand Xiaomi also offers Smart Toothbrushes and a Smart Scale, which can be accessed in the Mi Home App. In Theory, data from these devices should be accessible, since there are other Modules using this API. But still, for now they’re just offering those devices (which fall into the catory Bathroom Smart Devices).

    I would love to connect all kinds of Bathroom Smart Devices to my Magic Mirror, but since I’m a beginner in this field and there seems to be no company, who offers products with a decent API, I’m reaching out to the Forum.

    Is there a way to connect Oral-B, Philips, Xiaomi’s or any other brands Bathroom Smart Devices to the Magic Mirror and display relevant information?

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