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MMM-Remote-Conrol Modules disappeared

  • it’s the second time that the Modules disappeaed on the Remote Website. Maybe thats the cause of install new Modules or rearange of modules in tne config.js. Deleting the MMM-Remote-Control and a reinstall of the module does not fix this issue. Than i choose the config.js.sample file and only add the MMM-Remote-Control config in this file.

    Noting changes … only the normal remote.html website with Power switch and so on . No Modules Control

    Only a complete reinstall of MM can fix this issue. The Modules Control is nessesary for my installation

  • Anyone know if this module installs something outside the MMM-Remote-Control folder ? .
    Because a clean config.js and a fresh install from MMM-Remote-Control does not fix the problem.

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