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Issues with MM freezing and RPI3 running Hot

  • I’m having issues with the RPI3 freezing maybe once or twice a week. It’ll mostly do it at night (typically shortly after I go to bed according to where my clock stops), and when I wake up the RPI3 will be kind of hot. I have heatsinks on it, and i’m not sure where to go from here. I’m concerned because it’s in a clear case that came with it, but it’s not even actually in a mirror yet. I still have it running on the table attached to a Monitor. I’m trying to get MMM-Awesome-Alexa to work (and still need my Mic/Speakers) before I’m wanting to make it into a mirror and pay for the mirror.

  • @stalker401 i would say it’s running out of memory, as even my Pi4 4Gb does, install watchDog it will restart it when the mirror crashes, electron kills the memory ie takes up too much memory.

  • having the same problem, MM worked fine until my SD card was defect.
    Did a fresh install with Raspian Buster and MM 2.8.0
    since then the temp. is always near 80 degrees (showing the thermometer in the right corner).
    Electron is taking 100% of processortime. (already using the fake kms driver).
    taking the top off the case, and a heatsinks lowers temp a little bit, next step is a cooling fan, to see what that brings.
    also the monitor on/off problem is back again, had that solved in the old situation.

  • @dazza120 Thanks I’ll give this a go.

  • active cooling fan lowered temp to around 60 degrees, crashes are not gone, but interval went down to once every 2-3 days. This does mean temp. was an issue, but there still is something wrong.

  • @Detto65 memory install watchdog to help reboot it when it crashes from running out of memory

  • i wonder if a watchdog will be able to restart the pi when its locked up, i cant access it through SSH either when it happens.
    my stats do not show a memory problem btw (19% free ram, but a very high cpu load), of course that is just before the screen froze…

  • @Detto65 ram over days drop down my 4Gb pi is running 50% free from 87% when it first starts, it’s now 10days thanks to watch Dog and free memory has gone up. I use to get that on the pi 3B it’s a 100% memory that’s used once it gets to that it will crash the pi altogether and you will have to power it down ie reboot. Only way around that was a Cron Job that restarted MagicMirror every 12hours, give that a go, check out how many hours it takes to lock up you may need to make this 6hour intervals

  • this MM, and the same pi (3B), has been running without any issues for nearly a year, problems started when using the last raspbian (Buster) version, and MM 2.8.0.
    It has been running on stretch, but i am not sure about the MM version it was on before the sd card problem.
    Will try watchdog, and report here if there are any improvements.
    (btw Cron is already rebooting the pi every 24 Hrs).
    As said before, the temperature issue was also not a problem on raspbian stretch, in nearly the same configuration of the same MM.

  • It was a memory issue, but watchdog did not solve it.
    my swap space of 100MB ran full within an hour or so, so i made it bigger to 150MB.
    The MM ran for a week, and it froze again…
    Made the swap space 2 GB ( twice the memory size of my Pi 3B), and it did not crash or freeze since i made that adjustment.
    swapfile is around 220 MB at this moment, so 2 GB is a little overkill i guess
    The pi does a scheduled reboot every morning. (As it has always done)

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